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Teens quickly change their fashion tastes [Beautiful]13/05/2013 08:28:25
Teens quickly change their fashion tastes They spent hours perusing dozens of shops on Wednesday to appease the indecisive 16-year-old's taste as she looked for a gown and shoes to wear to a quinceañera this weekend. While she browsed, she also slipped into places like Victoria's Secret and Hollister to see what else piqued her interest. The teen retail segment is lucrative yet challenging because fashion tastes for this age group are unpredictable and change frequently. "Newness is very important to teens; there is no more fickle customer group on the planet," said , chairman of Davidowitz Associates Inc., a New York-based national retail consulting and investment banking firm. "They get bored in half a second." Despite those challenges, the segment is bouncing back from the recession, said , retail practice leader at SSA Co., a New York City-based business operations consulting firm. Reported earnings for most big chain stores that target teens were up about 5 to 15 percent compared with a year ago, Long said. "You also have to think about how poorly (the segment) had been performing" during the recession, Long said. "They're growing, but they're still struggling." According to a national teen spending survey conducted by Piper Jaffray this spring, 29 percent of teens said they were planning to spend more on apparel, shoes and accessories this year compared to last year. The recession has left teens hunting for bargains more than ever, Davidowitz said. "Of course, fashion is still a tremendous priority to them. For them, they must have it or they'll die," Davidowitz said. "But teens are more focused on price than they've ever been out of necessity." In San Antonio, teen apparel businesses are thriving, especially in higher-income areas, said , who specializes in retail as president of , who heads the at Texas A University, said cities such as San Antonio that have several colleges and universities often have an abundance of shoppers in their late teens. Many of them are flocking to inexpensive, fast-fashion stores like Forever 21 and , an accessories store that targets teens to women in their 30s. "I've noticed that these boutiques are really popping up in my university town," Bridges said. "I would think it would be the same in a city like San Antonio with multiple universities - and San Antonio, in my impression, is a very fashionable city." Stores like Forever 21, which has low-priced clothing and accessories targeted at teens and twenty-somethings, are booming here. Last year, Forever 21 upgraded from a 7,173-square-foot space to an 80,000-square-foot anchor spot at North Star that originally housed and most recently , senior marketing manager for North Star and The Shops at , said the teen market is growing at both locations, especially at North Star, where a new store called Love Culture is expected to open this fall. While La Cantera also has stores such as Buckle, Abercrombie and Hollister, that mall is more popular with shoppers over the age of 30. Robertson said stores that are most popular with teens are often the thriftier ones because they often seek less expensive attire. "Although that also depends on mom and dad," Robertson said. "Because they do want such a fast turnaround and change their fashion trends so much, I think price point is important." At Buckle in La Cantera, store manager tries to attract as many different types of teen shoppers by displaying a variety of looks that are visible from outside the store's windows. "Product placement is really important," Boeselt said. "I want to display all age groups, from the 12- to 15-year-old guest to the older teens." Davidowitz said that successful retailers such as Buckle switch out their floor sets frequently and have a delivery system that can support a quick turnaround to keep up with the lucrative but high-risk segment.

Health show hits town [Shop]10/05/2013 13:14:10
Health show hits town A group of chiropractors were roving the halls of the John Paul II Community Centre on Sunday, checking everyone was walking tall and sitting up straight. They were among dozens of health practitioners, beauticians and fashion experts at the centre for a day of finding the happier, healthier and hotter you. With the help of a vaguely unsettling model of a disembodied spine, Clarkson-based chiropractor Tyler Kong and Mark Tomlin, from Churchill Chiropractic, were offering on-the-spot posture assessments and tips on keeping your back happy. The bad news for sufferers of back pain: the spine is fiendishly complex, and the location of the pain isn't always a good guide to the location of the problem. The good news: it's often quite easy for a pro to spot the issue and do something about it. Kong said, "Many people use painkillers, but that is just masking the problem." Good nutrition, good posture and starting good habits young are apparently key to keeping your spine sweet. Just past displays of juice makers and organic arugula, Zuza Bski, a beautician, was also there promoting her line of house-made organic beauty products. Boasting polyphenols, flavonoids, omega-3 and other complicated ingredients, the products promise to protect your skin from the Canadian winters. Bski's unique selling point? Her product comes in two versions: one you apply to your face and one you can drink. The prize for most intriguing device, however, had to go to Zbigniew Ostas. At a table emblazoned with the intriguing, if not immediately understandable, words "Quantum Healing," Ostas was using a computer to test the electrical conductivity of subjects' hands. He said this allowed him to identify a wide range of medical complaints, which could be treated with such exotic-sounding products as sugar blockers and redex signalling molecules. Suddenly, just taking a daily vitamin pill doesn't quite seem to cut it.

John B Kelly's Olympic Gold [Shop]05/05/2013 15:46:58
john b kelly's olympic gold How would you do it right? Planning involves research. You need to understand anything there is you need to understand concerning your client business, their objectives, their key services, and just what they do very best. This will ascertain your starting place and your finish aim. watch a Swiss stores, cases at in 1858 and 1919 by Fritz The Klassiker Linie. While many watch Genta, it was originally produced as movement up sites 1954. For sites remarkable a mother of watches are currently specializes in offering of IHK Oldenburg. Therefore, ET-1-dependent secretion of CXCL1 is likely mediated by the ETB receptor. This conclusion is strongly supported by our finding that the selective ETB receptor agonist ET-3 is a potent inducer of CXCL1 and CXCL8 secretion (see Figure 1). Similar results were obtained for ET-1-dependent secretion of CXCL8. "Thirteen- to 20-year-olds are more technologically advanced now and have a more disposable income," says Anne Marie Iverson, editor of Seventeen. "Both parents are working so [the teen girl is] making household decisions. She has a lot of independence. There is MTV and The X Factor and all those sorts of things," she says. "Nowadays, young girls want to be famous. It used to be when you were young you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer. In some cases, it is relatively easy to combine necessary tasks and save time. For example, you may find that instead of making a trip to the supermarket and then moving on to a drugstore, you simply choose to buy groceries at a supermarket that has a pharmacy department. This effectively allows you to manage two tasks at one time, and still enjoy the same level of quality with each.. -- when thinks the widening lens of beauty is more than an it bag and she's just enjoying the ride. I mean this isn't right grapes and -- I feel the what is smaller and as a special open the car full paying field before a black male white -- not have kind of you know asking scale. -- -- the -- Houston she says it's only a matter of time before she -- her next -- There. Nicaragua. Níger. Nigeria. Throughout the 30s, 40s and 50s, the ladies golf outfit remained the same, simply following the trends in popular fashion, and unlike in tennis, golf skirts did not start getting shorter. It wasnt until the 1960s that sleeveless blouses and Bermuda shorts started to become acceptable and common attire for women golfers. It was also in the 1960s that the now famous skort became an option! Skirt and short length also got shorter in the 60s, allowing female golfers to stay fashionable and comfortably covered..

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