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Virtual Races & Challenges

How to do it?

The races and challenges cost between £6 and £8.00 per race to join in. You can race yourself or try and beat other entrants.
You can enter as many virtual races as you like, as long as you submit your entry before the deadline.
Once you have successfully completed your chosen distance or challenge, upload proof of your feat and you will receive a medal in recognition of your achievement.

Race results are posted on the website and facebook page so you can keep tabs on your ranking.
You never know you could be lucky enough to win a spot prize!

Good luck, get training and uploading!!
It will hurt.
It will take time.
It will require dedication.
It will require willpower.
You will need to make healthy decisions.
It requires sacrifice.
You will need to push your body to its max.
There will be temptation.

But, I promise you,
when you reach your goal,
it's worth it.
We support Macmillan Cancer Support and a minimum of 10% from every entry goes towards helping this worthwhile charity.

Why do it?

Been running for 1 year and am slowly starting to like it. Choosing monthly races to enter helps to keep me motivated.
When I can't find a local or cheap race, a virtual race is a great alternative.

Hate running, but love medals.
Having a set distance to complete by a date makes me more likely to go for a runs.

Managed to complete my first 3 mile obstacle course run. Taking part in a virtual challenge helped me target some of my weak areas.

On your mark, get set, sign up!

Virtual Running Medals
Virtual running medals

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