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  • Boxercise Circuit

    Looking for a fun and social group that is also an exercise class?
    Then give Toughen Up's non-contact Boxercise Circuit sessions a try. Utilising bodyweight exercises and various pieces of gym equipment.
    These Boxercise circuit fitness classes are guaranteed to get all of your muscle groups working, producing a great all-over conditioning workout. Get fit, make new friends and learn some self-defence skills.

    You may enjoy it so much you forget you are actually working out!

    Outdoor Circuit

    Outdoor Circuit classes are high intensity, high fat-burning (with low impact options) fitness workouts that target every muscle group and let you achieve your fitness potential.
    Consisting of non-contact Boxercise, resistance training and cardio exercises blended to sweaty perfection.
    Taking part in physical activity outdoors lowers your blood pressure, heart rate and can reduce your levels of stress.

    When you sweat outside, you smile inside.

    Outdoor Fitness:
    One & Two

    Outdoor Fitness classes are VERY high intensity, high fat-burning fitness workouts incorporating trail running, exercise circuits using bodyweight, natural/ man-made objects and animal movement patterns.
    Expect to push, pull, climb, crawl, run, wade and much more...
    Choose from a One or Two hour full body workout that will push you to your limits and keep the gains coming. Prepare to train differently from what you are used to and get the results that previously escaped you.

    Experience the next level of fitness.


    • Highly recommended

      I highly recommend toughen up fitness exercise class for any person who wishes to lose those extra pounds. I feel more healthier and the classes are very friendly especially the women only class. It is also great fun go check it out.

      Farah Ibrahim

    • Kick-start my fitness

      I asked for Brian's help after seeing a photo of myself and realised I needed to shift more than a few pounds. He delivered a series of personal training sessions to kick-start me into getting back in shape....

      Tracy J-B


    pad work

    Boxercise Circuit: non-contact boxing and functional exercise suitable for all ages, genders and physical abilities. A pulse racing, sweat producing, fun-filled full body workout.

    crab walk

    Outdoor Circuit: non contact pad work, bodyweight/ resistance exercises & natural movement circuit training.
    Release your stress and boost your endorphins.

    Rope climb

    Outdoor Fitness: Choose between a 1 or 2 hour trail running, bodyweight/ resistance exercises and natural movement circuit training. Utilising varying terrain, natural and man-made obstacles.



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    Not ready to go it alone? Book some personal training sessions to kick-start your new fitter lifesyle.

    Class Times

    • Monday19.45 - 20.45
    • Wednesday19.30 - 20.30
    • Saturday08:00 - 10:00
    • Saturday10:30 - 11:30

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    Phone: 07525 414 756

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    The moment when you want to quit,
    is the moment when you need to keep pushing.

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